“Before treatment with Lisa, I have never considered hypnotherapy. I have tried other forms of mental wellness for my constant battle with anxiety. In the last 6 months I have changed careers, started a new job, and moved to a different city, triggering higher levels of anxiety. After working with Lisa I have been able to keep things in perspective and go about my day in a more relaxed state.  Through our session she has given me tools to access my subconscious, using imagery and poetic wording that brought me through a self reflective journey. Lisa made me feel extremely comfortable through out the process and I got the sense that understood me and what I needed to feel better. She truly has a gift for healing and I feel lucky to have had the chance to experience her magic.”

Matt Greenfield
PT, DPT, Gymnast, Circus Artist


“My experience working with Lisa was truly transformative. She is an insightful and gifted listener who aligns her myriad skills and process with YOUR needs, whether it be to help you get over a stubborn obstacle or to effect more far reaching changes in your patterns of thinking and behaving. Through her open-hearted manner she is able to establish a trusting rapport essential for your success and your ultimate empowerment to better manage your perceptions, beliefs and behavior. What I found most remarkable in my experience with Lisa and the process of hypnosis, was the translation of my “intellectual understanding” into behavioral modification. No easy task. Thank you Lisa!!!”

Carla Gambescia
Food & Travel Writer, Restaurateur & Entrepreneur.